Perfect Bound Catalogs

As businesses grow their inventory of products and services, a well-designed custom-printed catalog can help generate more interest and create more sales. But these perfect bound catalogs are also ideal for training and employee manuals, safety guides, instruction manuals, and many other uses.

A beautiful, full-color catalog provides an organized place to display a wide variety of products and services or informational content. What makes perfect bound so diverse is its overall sleek look. Ideal as giveaways for tradeshow booths and other displays, these catalogs are easy to stack, store, and ship, and can be printed along the spine.


  • Products and services catalogs
  • Seasonal catalogs
  • Organizational presentations
  • Owners’ manuals
  • Educational workbooks


  • Choose from paper stocks: Cover 100lb. gloss cover; Inside pages 60lb (text uncoated), 80lb (gloss), or 100lb (gloss).
  • Catalog cover and interior pages are bound together using a durable EVA adhesive.
  • Great binding option for catalogs from 30 to 400 pages.
  • The spine allows space for custom printing.
  • Perfect binding is a strong and durable catalog solution that resists extreme temperatures.


  • Content/artwork file recommended: PDF, .psd, .tiff, .eps, .ai
  • Suggested high-resolution files: 300 dpi resolution
  • Color recommended for files: CMYK


What does perfect bound mean?

The term "perfect bound" relates to a process that binds together a book cover and all interior pages via an adhesive.

What is the reason this binding process is called “perfect bound?”

Perfect binding cuts all interior pages and the cover to the same size with an additional trim after the binding process for a clean and uniform appearance yielding a “perfect” bind.

What type of adhesive is used to bind a book through perfect binding?

EVA adhesive glue, which is used in perfect binding, is a strong and durable glue featuring a fast cure time and is effective on many types of paper stocks.

What is the least and maximum number of pages recommended when creating a perfect bound catalog?

Perfect-bound books and catalogs require a minimum of 30 pages and a maximum of 400 pages for the best results.

Can you print on the spine?

Yes. The spine’s flat area is a result of the perfect bound process and allows room to print the title, year, and other details.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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